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Everyone is created by God with a unique mix of strengths, talents and abilities with which He has equipped us to be able to serve Him by serving others. Unlike many churches which use a ministry model where the "minister" does all the ministry and the laypeople take on a spectator roll (sometimes a very critical one too!), at Life Links Church, we believe in the model of ministry as put forward in the New Testament.

According to Ephesians 4:11-12, the purpose of church leadership (so-called "ministers") is to equip the other believers to do the work of the ministry. The word "ministry" just means service. So leaders are to equip laypeople to serve God by serving other believers as well as the wider community in which they live.

In a healthy body, there are no useless or non-functioning members. Every person has a vital part to play in the overall effectiveness of the church's fulfilment of its mission. Below will give you an idea of how much your church needs you and the contribution you can make.

Needless to say, some of the following positions may require specific qualifications or experience; for instance, helping in the Discovery Children's Ministry requires a Working With Children card.

Worship Team:

Anyone joining this team needs to demonstrate a firm commitment to our church, to have been a regular part of our church for at least six months, and be available for Sunday morning rehearsals.

Worship Leaders:

  • Job Description: Leading Sunday morning worship.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be able to sing in tune, must be a worshipper, must be reliable, needs to be confident in front of a crowd and capable of inspiring others to worship.


  • Job Description: Backing vocalist for Sunday services.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be able to sing in tune, must be a worshipper, must be reliable.


  • Job Description: We are looking for contemporary musicians, particularly guitarists, keyboardists, and bass players.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be a worshipper, have own instrument (to practise on), be reasonably proficient on chosen instrument (or willing to learn), must be reliable.

Sound & Vision:


  • Job Description: Take responsibility for the overall mix of musicians and vocalists, ensure clear production of preacher's voice, recording of Sunday messages, provide suitable background music.
  • Skill Requirements: Must have a cooperative / servant mentality. Must be familiar with (or willing to learn) mixing desk, different kinds of microphones and cables, understanding of what constitutes a good mix, especially with a view to a younger audience.


  • Job Description: Preparation of slides for data projector as well as slide shows for specific services.
  • Skill Requirements: Must not be afraid of computers! Must be able to concentrate so that slides appear in a timely manner.

Other Positions:


  • Job Description: Cleaning and general maintenance of church property.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be reliable, willing to do jobs that normally don't receive a lot of recognition. Need to have a spirit of excellence.


  • Job Description: Praying for the needs of others either alone or in a group.
  • Skill Requirements: Must have faith, must be able to keep confidences, must be motivated to see the church grow spiritually and numerically.

Hands-on Helpers:

  • Job Description: Emergency Relief, paper delivery, welcoming people and manning reception.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be available during daytime hours, be reliable.

Kitchen Helps:

  • Job Description: Set-up for communion and morning teas, wash-up, clean linen, practical support for special events.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be motivated to serve others in practical ways.


  • Job Description: Greet people as they arrive at church service, get people to complete visitors' book, introduce visitors to others.
  • Skill Requirements: Must be friendly and enjoy meeting new people.


Billy Graham
  • Job Description: People who share their faith, give out invitations to Life Talks, follow up unchurched visitors with meaningful questions, have a heart for outreach.
  • Skill Requirements: Must have a reputation for integrity, need a firm grasp on the nature of the Gospel, be motivated in reaching others for Christ.

Decorating Team:

  • Job Description: Preparing decorations for special events, set-up & pack-up of decorations, shopping for decorating items.
  • Skill Requirements: Craft skills, good decoration sense.

Follow-up Assistants:

  • Job Description: Call and make appointments to visit new people.
  • Skill Requirements: Must have a high standard of integrity and the ability to set appropriate boundaries, have a genuine love for people, be "on the ball."

Services Overview

Our services begin at 10 am each Sunday and all are welcome. Primary school children are invited to stay in the main service as we worship and then leave to participate in the Discovery (Sunday School) program.

  • All Discovery leaders have a current Working With Children Card.

Contact Us

If you need further information about our church, our ministries, or services, please contact us as follows:

Address: 86 High Street, Ararat, Victoria, 3377
Telephone: 03 5352 2435