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We were designed to serve one another. (Galatians 5:13) As part of a body, the Body of Christ, we were meant to interact and use our strengths for the benefit of others. No Christian can ever feel truly connected without submitting their gifts and talents to God for His use. It's impossible to experience genuine spiritual growth unless you are involved in active service, both in the church and in the community.

Most people do this in a voluntary capacity. There are many volunteer positions available at Life Links. Opportunities abound for you to serve and find your place in God's plan for your life. Here are some of the many areas where you can make a significant contribution to the life of the church:

  • Join a small group such as a Bible Study or the Rise-Up! Men's Group and look for opportunities to serve.
  • Volunteer to help in the Discovery Children's Ministry. (There are special requirements for working with children.)
  • Make a contribution to our community by helping out in the Emergency Relief.
  • Volunteer to be a teacher for Christian Education (CRE, now called SRI).
  • Be involved in bringing people the Good News of what Jesus has done for them by helping in our outreach program.
  • Be a part of our Praise & Worship Team as a musician or singer.
  • Volunteer to help out in our Sound & Vision Team.
  • If you have practical handyman skills or can clean, talk to our Property Manager or join the Property Maintenance Team.

Services Overview

Our services begin at 10 am each Sunday and all are welcome. Primary school children are invited to stay in the main service as we worship and then leave to participate in the Discovery (Sunday School) program.

  • All Discovery leaders have a current Working With Children Card.

Contact Us

If you need further information about our church, our ministries, or services, please contact us as follows:

Address: 86 High Street, Ararat, Victoria, 3377
Telephone: 03 5352 2435