Our Vision

Our Vision Statement

To be a Bible-believing, Christ-worshiping community of believers that reaches the lost with the transforming power of Christ’s love and disciples them.

Vision Description

It’s a great thing to have a Mission Statement. It tells us what to do, where we’re headed.

On the other hand, our Vision Statement tells us what we expect it to look like when we get there. That’s important, and to us, every part of this Vision Statement is essential.

Bible Believing

As a Word-based church, we honour the Scriptures and since we believe that the Bible is the Word of God, we look at the Bible as the final authority for our faith, doctrine and conduct.


Worship, to us, is a central part of being a Christian. We work hard to make sure that our music is the best we can do, relevant to our culture, and aimed at helping people to link with God.



Church is not a building or a Sunday morning service, it’s people. And it’s not just people living in isolation. Church is all about community. It’s all about people getting to know one another, encouraging one another, supporting one another. That’s why we have various small groups.



Faith is the key to the Christian life. The Bible tells us that without it, it’s impossible to please God. Church is not just a club; it’s a community of believers. What do we believe in? Check out Our Statement of Beliefs.

Reaching those without Jesus

This goes back to our Mission Statement. This is our real purpose in life: To reach people for Jesus, and help them to find salvation in Him.

Of course, we don’t expect people to just come knocking on our doors. God wants us to be a blessing. We do this by supplying emergency relief for those in need and offering counselling support.

Our main strategy for outreach centres around individuals sharing their faith and actively looking to make disciples.

If we ‘re not doing this, then why are we on earth?

Transforming power of Christ's love

Faith without transformation is not faith at all. We want to provide all the tools to help people experience the transforming power of a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ as He has made this possible through His great love.


The only way believers can mature is to be genuine disciples. What’s a disciple? A disciple is a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. That says it all. Being a disciple isn’t for wimps. It takes sacrifice, commitment, and attitude.