Our Statement of Purpose

We all know that churches have a purpose which should easily be found in the Scriptures.  Even though this is true, different churches have different emphases.

At Life Links Church, we believe that our church exists for the following 5-fold purpose:-


Christ has called us to serve one another, and this is one of the primary functions of the church. This of course stems from our service of God, and flows out into serving the community at large. Mark 9:35


Worship is a lifestyle and should flow out of a heart devoted to God. In addition to this, corporate worship is given a high profile, (1) because it is the Lord’s due, (2) for its beneficial effects on the worshippers through the presence of God, and (3) because of its potential to witness to the reality of God to the unbeliever. John 4:23

We believe that this involves quality and quantity of time allotted to worship during church services.


Outreach (or evangelism) in various forms and on different levels is seen to be an essential response to the Great Commission. Failure in this area results in a selfish and introverted church. Matt 28:19,20


The Word of God holds forth many models for the church , but the church’s primary calling is that of a family with God as the Father. Meaningful godly relationships will therefore be promoted, with small groups being the primary means of attaining to this. Jn 13:34-35


The focus of the Great Commission is the making of disciples. This is two-fold: through the formation of Christian character and the development of Christian ministry (service). We achieve these ends through teaching and encouraging members to find a place of fruitful service. Eph 4:11-16