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Jesus is GOOD!  His whole life is a gift of kindness, grace, forgiveness, hope and joy.  At Life Links, Jesus is central to our lives! His love changes us from the inside out, and inspires and challenges us to be better people.  We treasure the story of Jesus.  We study his teachings, model from his life and attitudes and follow his ways.  We want to be like him! 

Our world is filled with so much confusion, brokenness, self centredness, aggression, violence and destruction.  We believe that Jesus and his way is the best answer to what troubles our world.  So we encourage people to explore Jesus, know him, find forgiveness in him and follow his way. 

We believe that, in the spirit of Jesus our church exists to make the world a kinder, better, more compassionate place.  So, we volunteer to alleviate poverty, support local families, and work alongside young people.  We value every individual and love it when people find their voice and step forward to life.  We celebrate achievements, growth in character and the difference people make when they commit to living for the sake of others.  We don’t wait for people to try to pick up that they matter.  We say it! We want everyone to know that they have gifts and qualities, and to use them to bring kindness, grace, forgiveness hope and joy to others.  If this is you, you’re welcome to come join us in making our community a better place!    

Laundry/Shower Facility

We have a shower and laundry facility on our premises which is free for homeless people to use. For more information, click here.

Get involved – it’s easy!

Ever been to a church service and wondered what you could do to make a meaningful contribution? You look around and wonder, “Where exactly do I fit in? Do they need me here?”

Well, here at Ararat Church of Christ, it’s easy. Just ask yourself a few simple questions:

    • What ability or experience do I have to offer? (Hint: Everyone has something they’re good at.)
    • Am I willing to learn from others or try something new?
    • Will I submit my gifts and talents to the Lord to be used by Him?

If you’re willing to let God use your strengths to build His kingdom, then the rest is easy. Check out the Teams section on this site. Or look at the list of opportunities in the Your Church Needs You section.

And don’t forget: If you find you’re not so good at something, or you don’t enjoy doing it, you can always try something else. That’s okay. Just keep trying till you find out where you fit.

Pastor Tony & Alli Llewellyn

Unique features

  • – Commitment to the teachings of the Bible. 
  •  Weekly Communion
  • Believers Baptism
  • Ministry in and through Relationships
  • Inter-generational
  • Faith expressed through joy
  • Contemporary in style

Church Gathering

.. Our church community gathers at 10 am each Sunday and all are welcome. The gathering has a dedicated children’s program.


All Discovery leaders have a current Working With Children Card.

Contact Us

 If you need further information about our church, our ministries, or our gatherings please contact us as follows:

Pastor Dave Tolputt

Address: 86 High Street, Ararat, Victoria, 3377
Telephone: 0403 189 082


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We love it when people give us feedback about their experience at        Life Links. Here is some of that feedback.

“He loved the trip to I Fly… said it’s the best thing he has EVER done!  Hasn’t stopped talking about it” 

Youth Group Parent

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Mitch Skolnik

operation Director, Elegant Themes

“We came from a pretty difficult couple of years. This church is a great place to heal”.

New member

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Tom Ewer

Blogger, Elegant Themes

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